travail récent


This wedding was filled with all that we girls dream of
Love, Champagne and Cottage Roses…
Photos taken by
{Floataway Studios}

for your notethank you

February 23 2015



This business is a funny little machine that runs on imagination, creativity, strong people skills, ability to move quickly, a strong back, bucket love or hate for that matter, the ability to prepare the most awesome tool box
 tape?- check, pins?- check, tire fix it kit?- check, coffee?-uhhh, 32oz. check!

and always…Always be prepared for the unseen…
 {rain, flower death, electrical mishaps, traffic and your occasional family feuds}

And with all those things that run and keep this business going,,,its the families,
friends, Mother’s & Daughters that inspire me.

 I have had the amazing blessing to be welcomed into the inner circle of  families on one of their most triumphant moments, finding myself a witness to the covered emotions waiting to explode at the moment of giving a daughter away and gaining a son, or vice versa—filled with hopes by this beauty of celebrating love. Each family has left a lasting vivid impression

The Bride- Stunning
The Groom – Stunned
The Party – Outstanding
Me – Tired but elated

This past weekend brought the close of a celebration of a family, that I have come
to adore. Their daughter married a sweetheart of a man and their future is huge! To let you know what type of love these two have, they chose to visit the hospital with me, one day after their ceremony, to hand out flowers to patients going through chemotherapy treatment.  Each person that came in contact with them today, were touched by their beginning as husband and wife….to stop and bless others, when; this, their moment to be all consumed by eachother and Maui, didn’t seem to matter at this moment.

All because a boy fell in love with a girl and we all stood back in awe.


Visiting ST. Josephs Hospital, arms filled with their wedding flowers and hearts full of compassion.

for your notethank you
 Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844
Here…in the few photos below are gathered petals.. proud assertions we
have had the great pleasure of gathering, styling, taking in the aroma of each flower and twining together with a beautiful silk ribbon
{The Bouquet}
like the Bride herself are the show stoppers
as she walks the bridal aisle, step – pause – step…She and her bouquet
this – the moment when every thought of
love, hope, planning, commitment, future and excitement come together
all held with in the palm of her hands
for your notethank you