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French Bouquet is the artisan style & floral studio of Orange County designer Pamela Babbage. Specializing in weddings & events with her signature romantic, sweeping and untamed style, French Bouquet offers floral designs inspired by European influences and the raw beauty of nature itself.


French Bouquet Philosophy


The beauty of natural design

At French Bouquet, We believe flowers set the tone for each event, they evoke emotion and have a way of drawing you in through their scent and beauty, they awake a memory and tell a story that is uniquely yours.

Our design philosophy is one of simply gathering and letting the flowers do their thing. They may need a little direction and styling, but flowers in their whimsical beauty alone, are at their best. Within our philosophy as a company, we have been on a journey over the past 7 years learning, teaching and gathering with a collaberation of families, friends and teachers who have all contributed in some way or another to our craft as artisans, designers and building a community of giving

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. In return with each client we encounter, we capture the opportunity to be a part of their event, with this thought of mind . . . to give, learn and to become better at who we are and what we do.


French Bouquet Creative Direction


Telling a story of you

Within our creative direction, we capture a fresh idea. Written and sketched on paper and build upon that idea. We fine tune it and fill it with color, texture, flame and flowers to bring the vision and style in to reality.

We are a team that collaborates with you and for you to bring you the best of floral gatherings and creative styling.

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