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Dans l'œil des spectateurs

What is it about photographers who have that amazing touch to
capture those moments we live in and want to relive?  They seem to be invisible patron saints that blend into the walls of the room and conversation.  They are welcomed in to stages of our most important seasons of our lives and are only noticeable when the sound of their shutter flicker goes off and then you realize….

“oh man, what was i doing when they took that photo” 

and then,,,,after much review and editing….the moments of our lives, the moments we didn’t realize the camera had captured that quick look in our eyes or that soft gesture or movement of a hand. All the little details that make such a big impact on that moment in time…frozen in paper… before us….as a printed emotion- that moment, thought, smell, music…it all comes whispering back to us.
A few of my favorite moments – captured by my amazing and talented patron saints that quietly blend are here and i wish to 
 – Thank you talented photographers for your enduring, compassionate eye, quick finger on the trigger  and choice of edit lighting
…all together—-leaves me breathless.

Chelsea Maras photography
blossom blue photography
mike villa photography
Michelle johnnson photography
Blaire nicole photography
Sara weaver photography
Hoffman photography
Meagan Ramirez photography
Bella Photography

I hope you enjoy these moments as much as i have.

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{Cat & Danny}
A Strawberry Farms Romance
She wore white silk, He wore grey linen….these two just melt my heart when I see them.  She is smart, witty and beautiful…He is smart, witty and such a gentleman.  They together are matched with such a fun sense of humor and anything goes, when it comes to adventure and fun.
Catherine & Danny
 came to me with a vision for a grey, peach, orange, touches of pink and cream wedding….which I loved!!!
my brain was on overload,,,in anticipation of all the different floral I could call upon for this wedding. I chose to go with peachy coral amaryllis and
build around this beautiful flower.
 its a regal bloom…with its elegant soft delicate leaves and rich color fade on the tips and darker in the center…its just yummy on the eyes.
I mixed the amaryllis with parrot tulips, creamy cottage roses, spray roses, calla lilies and wheat.
there’s something about burlap and mother of pearl buttons on the brides bouquet that just make me go “awww”…don’t you love the soft elegant with the rustic?  Me too

The following is a glimpse into the love affair and celebration captured by the amazing Justin of photography at
Strawberry Farms

Ceremony took place at the beautiful South shores Church in
Laguna Niguel





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As I prepare for an amazing wedding coming up this weekend…I realize, this wedding will be my last one for the season….so I ask…

How are we doing?
How is everyone?
We have organized, simplified and designedified our
hearts out, but still, I deal with this annoying voice in my head…
“you could have done better,,,,you should have used that flower instead of
this one..and you should have,,,why didn’t you?”
 as the conversations goes inside and outside my mind.
I realize this voice can be damaging and so I try to tame it…but then, it’s the voice that keeps me reaching for better.
I have also, learned a few things along the way,that I need to implement and I would like to lay them all out on the table here,,,
for me and you to see.
I hope it helps you, as it will me, to see it in writing,
 imprinted as a command to get it done…
to those of you searching to start a flower business….coming from one with no business background….
please read my following tidbits of wisdom learned along the way –


1. Receipts – Im terrible at keeping records..i have learned… this is the 
year to buy quick books and budget all my expenses and keep track of my profit and loss.  so important to know what is coming in and what is going out…how to adjust pricing and pay for taxes.
{I stash $ away in a separate savings for the ole government}
2. Inventory – It has been hard for me to keep track of all my vintage pieces and therefore….the need to organize and photocatogorize my inventory on my computer to show brides and not run around my shop looking for a sample piece.  I will be out vintage shopping,  buy a great piece, only to find,,the same one hidden in the back of my shop. Uuuugggg!
3. Staff – Find great people to work with…don’t keep the nay sayers around, find those people that say “lets do this….” find people that are visionaries.
Not everyone on my staff is perfect, but we know each others strengths and weaknesses and work within them.
4. Goals – Make a new business plan each year. adjust and readjust, until it makes sense to you. Where do you want to be this time next year? Your city counsel office has people that volunteer their time to help and counsel entrepreneurs…take advantage of it.
5. Diversify – When the wedding season slows down, its great to have other facets to your business to lean on. I’m expanding my retail and rental side, also looking in to expanding sparrow – flowers for people dealing with cancer and aids. Im not sure how this growth will happen, its always scary to take risk,,,but then that’s what the entrepreneur spirit is all about..with vision, passion, business planning and seeking advice and wisdom from my peers…it will happen.

Best to you all my flower feigns…..and most of all, love what you do, laugh and dance to your favorite tunes while you design and create. Be honored to take part in the beauty of a Bride as she graces the wedding aisle, the glimpse of her groom as he sees her and the emotion of a Mother or Father as they give her away. These captured moments are a gift, not to be taken lightly…
Be confident and honored….Pamela

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