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What is it about photographers who have that amazing touch to
capture those moments we live in and want to relive?  They seem to be invisible patron saints that blend into the walls of the room and conversation.  They are welcomed in to stages of our most important seasons of our lives and are only noticeable when the sound of their shutter flicker goes off and then you realize….

“oh man, what was i doing when they took that photo” 

and then,,,,after much review and editing….the moments of our lives, the moments we didn’t realize the camera had captured that quick look in our eyes or that soft gesture or movement of a hand. All the little details that make such a big impact on that moment in time…frozen in paper..
. before us….as a printed emotion- that moment, thought, smell, music…it all comes whispering back to us.
A few of my favorite moments – captured by my amazing and talented patron saints that quietly blend are here and i wish to 
 – Thank you talented photographers for your enduring, compassionate eye, quick finger on the trigger  and choice of edit lighting
…all together—-leaves me breathless.

Chelsea Maras photography
blossom blue photography
mike villa photography
Michelle johnnson photography
Blaire nicole photography
Sara weaver photography
Hoffman photography
Meagan Ramirez photography
Bella Photography

I hope you enjoy these moments as much as i have.