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A Gift

un cadeau

Today is a gift….
. Beautiful and free

This morning i was awakened by the song of birds and the early sun 
rising over the ridge to say hello through my window. It seemed-the morning was asking me to remember this, remember to breath and take in the moments that await you….

Today is a gift and within it holds Freedom…. a chance to leave a lasting touch on this couples beginning, to create, interact with others, to take in the happiness within Love & Freedom.

Love is Such a beautiful gift

What I love about weddings is the momentum – the process of building a celebration from the first meeting and sharing ideas, dreams, images and emotions  — to the actual day of prep, loading, unloading, calculated structures – the MacGyver thought moments –  “how are we going to hang this heavy fabric from a tree?” Its the muscle and grit of actually creating it all on the day and succeeding to tell another love story. I am – as some of you may already know – a sucker for ceremonies. I savor the moments of IDo’s

and i relish in the captured moments of fulfilled vision, future dreams, a spin on the dance floor and the last cheer of the night.

“I fell in love hard” she said, “I knew it when i first laid eyes on him. He captured my heart and mind and i was gone”

“She is my first thought in the morning and my last thought as i lay my head down on my pillow, i am completely unfettered around her, but all together myself with her by my side. I look for her face in a crowd and listen for her sound across the room.”

This had to be the cutest guest sign in idea 



Weddings are my thing…i love them, create and breath into them.


and after all the details are in place,,,my heart and soul loves to linger in the moments…you will find me deep in thought and in need of peace & quiet to reflect upon creating, gathering & styling. I love to escape with a glass of wine in hand and candles glowing, we (pepper, tedders and Jim) hang out in my hubs surf hut, take a load off, reflect and breath the gift of this day. Watch the sun go down and dream.