in burlap and jute

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 When the afternoon calls for simple elegance…i have no problem with mason jars, burlap and some jute.
i swear..i belong in the midwest surrounded by hay, cows, burlap and jute.  the tableware…i fell upon at a shop in old town orange, the plates were tucked away in a corner and i spotted them and fell in love knowing, they would bring more of the french barn style i live for and fill my french country world with. so.. bringing them out was joy expressed in full vision for wedding centerpieces,which exploded on my table for a bride to be, who like me; loves everything mason jars, burlap and jute….Yhay!
 Afternoons are the best with simple elegance….so catch yourself some burlap and jute….and keep your eyes open for those little treasures waiting in the corner.
Blessings,   Pamela