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{A Love Affair}
Moments captured by Michelle Johnson Photography
Ok, lets just say,,,i had my own little love affair with this wedding.
the colors, flowers, that wedding dress….the bride and groom.
they had it all…Exquis …{french for Outstanding, superb}
The ceremony took place at Mariners Church, filled with its rich woods and beautiful natural light, lots of candles in which, cast a soft romantic hue
over the ceremony – it was breathtaking.
I love to watch as much as I can of the ceremony…without getting noticed. however: I find myself inching forward to hear every spoken word of love and commitment…eventually; finding myself filling in an empty spot next to the Aunt of somebody.
Its why we florist of the wedding industry do what and why we do.
its why we hit the flower mart at 3am in the morning and
get each detail to the wedding as near perfect as humanly able.
We have a love affair for love affairs…plain and simple.