In at home weddings


Because we live in a world that is ever changing the way we work, live and celebrate. We took a hard look at the facts, straight truth, which to us, is quit confusing to figure out. What is the truth of this future world, work, family, weddings, entrepreneurship and how will we navigate these waters together?

Pushing our emotion aside and focusing on why we started French Bouquet in the first place…YOU!

CREATIVELY GIVING YOU- in our opinion-

{the best in floral artistry}

French Bouquet is offering online shopping to our community.  We are looking at better ways to serve you with the same European garden style that we love to create for you.

Our product line has expanded to offer you multiple choices – Top sellers have been our Flower Totes – Made from the Women of Ghana, Africa, Each tote is original in size and shape.

The Minnie flower tote, which is new to us-offers the cutest basket with leather wrap handles, filled with floral and perfect for the bride to be, the best friend or just because I love you moments. Our large French flower tote – A fan favorite for all those Mommies to be,

{the large tote makes for a great carry all for baby items.}

Our dried Minnie tote brings something new {sustainable flowers} to all those waste not favorite people of ours
. Lastly in the tote category is the  – Boho flowers tote – another favorite of ours, offering a fun round beach basket with a wide leather wrapped handle for easy fit for towels, lotions, beach vibe goodies.

See also, our modern love arrangement, love squared arrangement along with a variety of flower wraps.

We know the weddings of the future are on hold, yet we are offering our signature Ala Carte’ option.  With our signature flowing bridal bouquet to boutonniere, flower girl baskets, maids bouquets, Mother of the bride corsages….to much more. We are here to make the process easy, accessible and fun.

Take a look at our shopping options on line at

– let’s Begin –

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for your thoughtsthank you

Upon deciding where to have this amazing intimate wedding…we thought, “how about our house?” My quaint little 1950’s home? Believe me when I say…quaint & only an intimate wedding would do..we are talking about 20 people, minus 2….
this little house with its original plumbing and pink tiled bathroom cant take too much action… along with an aged thermador oven that is still in great working order….but too small for a well endowed turkey or anything greater or equal to that…I panicked…slightly & quietly I said “let’s do this”
so..a beautiful wedding in one’s home, huh?  Dreamy and filled with romance
 I have found,,intimate weddings create all kinds of memories that linger forever…like a picture hanging on the wall, leaving an imprint or shadow when the rest of the wall has faded.
After all the planning and laying out the design…we discussed,
 hmmmd & awwwwd
then we,,,moved into action.
Laughter, Love and Surrender filled this house that day and poured over to each guest, causing us to ponder our own hearts, marriage, love, losses, and gravitated us towards the new, fearless love before us.
I am so thankful for my Love, my Laughter, My best friend and Husband {Jim}
He fills my heart with such joy and completeness… fear in this girl…for I have learned there is nothing to loose in loving so dearly.
I’m a woman who has been given a gift of a legendary kind of love; the kind that moves mountains, fills deserts, and expands my world to greatness.  Ok, on to the photos….enough of the rabbit trail, path or whatever you want to call it….
A table for two…Mr. & Mrs
. & for her…..peonies, ranunculus & touches of wheat
{my favorite chairs, sold to me by my dear friend,,Michelle}
..its a long story..those chairs.



 At the end of the day as we swept up the floor and moved our sofa and coffee table back in their place, we reflected on our 
{jump in this puddle attitude,,,only to realize…its messier and deeper than expected} 
 all is, as it should be…
until the Christmas tree arrives to take its stately place by the window.
A simple love affair…


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for your thoughtsthank you