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{A clamoring of two}
the loud hubbub
{me and my hub……:)}
Our home is a hubbub of clamoring kids, adults, friends, neighbors, dogs, homework, ministry, drama, boyfriends, computer clichés, movies & good food….we are just a loud group…we are not Italian…but for some reason,,,we speak loud, laugh loud & yes, I love to sing opera while cooking in the kitchen…doesn’t everyone? good acoustics? good for the neighbors? & it makes the food taste better??? Right?
to my ears…I think I can hit a note or two, but according to my family…. i would send Placido Domingo
screaming through the streets in town gasping for mercy
As if he would even be in my presence….ppffff
{no!! not even if he was here…we {my fam}are telling you,,,
he would be screaming in the streets of his own town! from Italy!}
Well, anyhoo…
. at the moment, is a calmness and quietness filling our home.
All seems to be bearing down, preparing for the storm of the wedding season to explode and all the action that takes place.
I have this great little space called the hubbub where all the action and magic happens for weddings and events and Ive been moving furniture around…in hopes of making more room in the hub…. collecting vintage treasures, whatnots, beauty to only me things,,,is so much fun and such an outlet of design and creativity…ive used a few pieces for a couple of the weddings last year….hopefully, they will also cast a look at some other weddings or events coming up.
Its all in a days work and the clamoring of getting things done.
I cant wait to start this wedding season and watch what
each Bride, Groom, Mother, Father, Friend & Neighbor will be clamoring and hubbubing about as they celebrate….LOVE… of two very special people, about to commit to each other and create their own type of
 hub & bub
{a voice that holds a note might help}
Pamela ox