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The Bride and her Maids
I had the joy of inviting my Bride and all her Maids to my shop at my home to teach them the art of bouquet making.  It was a clamoring of girls-all excited for their bestie getting married the next day.
We laughed and chatted and I listened all day with a smile on my face, a woman full of wisdom as to, what it takes to make a marriage, the struggles of seeing it through tough times and the honor of being a wife…listening to these fresh faced naive girls and all the promise and joy that was before them gave me a kick in my step and many memories of Jim and I as we first started out together
They will figure it all out just as I have…hahaha
Each bouquet was different and fun just like each wedding that I design and each marriage, commitment and vow that is given
….I had a blast:)

{photo by Chelsea Maras Photography }